Resilient Infrastructure Forum (RIF) 2018
“I want to give you guys a special thanks for going the extra mile to help us. It was a great turnout and it wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative efforts from all sides. I enjoyed working with this well-spirited team and glad we participated in this event” - Veronique Rodriguez, NRS Internatonal
“Well organised, supportive and friendly team. Good opportunities for networking, will definitely attend again next year” - Ann Ellis, Mauve Group
“GRV deliver the perfect format - I was able to meet face to face with customers and prospects. Please sign me up for next year” - Sergio Murillo, RED52

Dear Colleagues,
It is with great pleasure that I invite you to join me at the 2nd Resilient Infrastructure Forum (RIF2019) for the Latin America, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico Region. Major storms, earthquakes and disasters regularly take a tragic and disproportionate toll on the societies, economies and institutions of Latin America, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. These events pose a significant impediment to growth and development, and in some cases set developing nations back decade’s worth of progress overnight.
The overall objective of RIF is to strengthen the capacity of Latin American, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico institutions together with the private sector to plan, design and implement investment in disaster resilient infrastructure. RIF is a platform for specialists to assist governments, regional agencies, planners and private developers to integrate resilient strategies in urban planning, project design, and to introduce international technology and service providers who have the capacities to deliver on the announced projects.
This action-packed two-day event has been designed to supplement the well-established GRV Global project ‘Action on Disaster Relief’, which focuses on emergency response to disasters within the region. In order to make these efforts most effective and mitigate future grievances, the rebuilding of post-catastrophic environments and development of territory vulnerable to disasters can be transformed into an opportunity by incorporating resilience, durability and sustainability into the sectors of: Housing, Power & Energy, Water Supply & Waste Treatment, Telecommunications, Transportation & Logistics, Education, and Health.
The Forum aims at linking public and private sectors, and to utilise international resources to create a coordinated effort towards disaster mitigation. RIF will bring together senior-level representatives from governments, utilities, developers, financial institutions, a multitude of agencies, donors and technology providers - to form partnerships, identify opportunities and collectively pursue the development of resilient infrastructure in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico before disasters occur.

Prof. Jamal Saghir
Former World Bank Director and
GRV Global Advisory Board Member