In recent years, Africa has experienced multi-billion dollar jumps in the size of its pharmaceutical industry, with the opportunity for public-private health partnerships rising exponentially (and proving crucial). Annually, millions of preventable deaths exist due to lack of adequate vaccine supply. Timely access to healthcare remains a priority, however, there is no guaranteed stock of the medicine required. 

Accounting for the continent’s continued population growth, swift urbanisation and a growing middle class (including an increase of lifestyle diseases such as cancer and diabetes), an advanced and sustainable cold chain is vital to support long-term development. GRV Global’s inaugural Pharma Logistics Africa Forum will be held 30th-31st October in Nairobi, Kenya. 

This event will be host to approximately 300 delegates and exhibitors; a select offering of key stakeholders participating in high level discussion, dedicated networking sessions, social functions and most importantly, 1-2-1 matchmaking meetings   used to cement collaborations and create partnerships. 

Pharma Logistics Africa 2019 will address Africa’s medicine needs head-on; participants will discuss priority needs in-person whilst showcasing innovation throughout GRV’s deal-making format. As the world’s hottest continent, climate control for medicine transport is critical to its population’s wellbeing. This is no mean feat – rising temperatures and minimal rainfall, vast distances and a widely varied landscape (including remote locations), unreliable power and data monitoring, all demand the very best in solutions and partnerships to move the sector forward.