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Due to the unprecedented and challenging times that we are currently facing, the Africa Mining Summit for 2021 will take place in a virtual format with the dates remaining on September 21/22. 

This, of course, means no travel or time out of the office. The online virtual platform that we are using is intuitive and extremely easy to navigate, meaning delegates can interact free of hassle. It will consist of an auditorium featuring discussion panels, sessions will be pre-recorded, hosted live, and hybrid. During the sessions, we will boost engagement by involving the audience with live Q&A sessions.

We have an exhibition hall featuring booths, they will be customised and made to imitate the feel of a live exhibition - featuring: videos & presentations, branding, documents, links to websites or social media platforms, live chat features, and delegates can save information for future reference. 

One-to-One Pre-scheduled Meetings will take place in private encrypted chat rooms, free from the distracting paraphernalia of a traditional exhibition hall. Instead, attention is focused on the core concerns of the individuals.

Networking will be done using live chat functionality with private encrypted chat rooms and an open networking lobby. We have a reception desk and help desk which will be manned by our staff and the whole platform will remain open for 28 days after the event so delegates and exhibitors can still connect after the conference and download presentations and content.  

The key to creating lasting collaborations is engagement, GRV Global offers a rare forum through which international participants can meet, engage, make deals with Mining Companies, Investors, and Governments and return home with tangible results.

Please direct all inquiries to +44 (0)20 3640 8222 or adowell@grvglobal.com