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The Africa Climate Resilient Infrastructure Summit
Bringing Public & Private Sector Together

The Africa Climate Resilient Infrastructure Summit (ACRIS) is now in its third year, this time set to take place in Marrakech following on from the highly successful COP22 and the recent ratification of Morocco as an AU member state.  On each occasion ACRIS has enjoyed the partnership and involvement of the African Union Commission for Infrastructure and Energy and the World Bank.

The overall objective of ACRIS is to strengthen the capacity of African institutions (including national governments, river basin organisations, regional economic communities, power pools and others) together with the private sector to plan, design and implement investment in the sectors of Energy, Water, Transportation and Agribusiness, so as to increase their resilience to climate change. 

ACRIS will assist governments, planners, private developers in Africa to integrate climate change in project planning and design, whilst also introducing international technology and service providers that can deliver on the announced projects.

To sustain Africa's growth, and accelerate the eradication of extreme poverty, investment in infrastructure is fundamental. To fill Africa's infrastructure gap, some USD 93 billion per year for the next decade will need to be invested. Much of this investment will support the construction of long-lived infrastructure (e.g. dams, power stations, irrigation canals, transport corridors, etc.), which may be vulnerable to changes in climatic patterns: water needed for power generation or irrigation may not be available in the amount needed or at the right time; roads may get washed away more frequently as a result of more frequent high rainfall events.

The establishment of an Africa Climate Resilient Investment Facility (AFRI-RES) implemented by the African Climate Policy Centre (ACPC) and the World Bank, supported by the NDF and anchored with the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) will also be a critical step in this direction. All parties will be playing a very active role at ACRIS and represented at the highest level.

ACRIS brings skills, technology, investment, planning, projects and expertise all for the development of climate-resilient infrastructure.
• High-Level Plenary Sessions
• Private Sector/Public Sector One-to-One Matchmaking Meetings (pre-scheduled)
• Workshops - Training, Implementation Strategising & Planning
• Networking & Exhibition Stands
• Cultural Dinner, Receptions & Socialising
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